SOS Engineering Inc. Opens New UK & European Office

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8 Oct,2020

SOS Engineering Inc. Opens New UK & European Office


SOS Engineering Appoints Chris Moore as Manager of New UK & European Office.


SOS Engineering Inc a leading supplier to the electronics industry is excited to announce the opening of a UK and European office based in Newbury Berkshire England.


Chris Moore has been appointed the Manager with overall responsibility for business development throughout the UK, and Europe and is excited about the prospect of expanding the region. Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to SOS with over 25 years’ experience in sub-contact manufacturing, specifically within the connector industry. His appointment represents an important step for the company to expand their presence in the European market.


“We created the UK and EU office to ensure that our customers received the best possible service by having a local representation to coordinate their requirements, and respond to their needs on face to face terms if desired.”


Founded in 1985 SOS Engineering has grown into a major manufacturing facility offering precision components for today’s high-tech electronics, medical and aerospace industries. SOS manufactures and assembles products to meet our customers’ most demanding specifications.


Chris Moore  /   T +44 (0)1635 569500