Support Services


Design, Manufacturing and Assembly of Precision Components

SOS offers many ways to support your organization in saving money and convince. We offer a full range of development and production options to move your product from concept all the way to full scale production and even stocking options .

Prototyping – We can work with you in the prototyping stage by assisting in the concept development utilizing state of the art CAD 3D modeling software. After your design has been finalized we are able to provide you with a small prototype run for proof of concept .

SOS Manufacturing – At SOS we have access to a wide range of machine types allowing us to manufacture your production runs ranging in scale from a few hundred pieces all the way up to millions of pieces. We will produce your production runs in th e most economical way with the highest quality.

Distribution Inventory – Allow us to store your inventory. By placing a blanket purchase order SOS will product your annual volume and keep it stored in our warehouse until you need them. Your parts will be ready and waiting for you at no cost. Just say the word and we will ship your current requirement from our shelf, and you will not need to pay for your parts until after you receive them.

In – Stock Inventory – We have a wide assortment of over-runs in stock. In many cases we can offer a part that we have in stock that will satisfy your requirements. Stock items can save you a ton of time and money. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to see if we have something in stock that will meet your needs.