Connector Pins & Sockets


We supply millions of connector pins and sockets for many industries including the Aerospace, Military, Commercial, and Medial industries. We can turn the contacts out of virtually any material including Copper Alloys, Stainless Steel, Alumel, Chromel, and plastics.

We can supply your contacts finished or unfinished. We can offer any plating options you require. We can also supply your contact with SELECTIVE GOLD plating, which is an excellent way to minimize the cost of the contact without diminished functionality.

We can work with you from the initial design, through prototyping, and all the way to your large or small production run volumes. At SOS we utilize the latest in material management software. You would be able to schedule your releases out over time or utilize our warehouse as your off-site warehouse. You can take advantage of Just-In-Time strategies without any additional cost outlay.