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About SOS Engineering

Providing Connector Solutions Since 1985, World records are achieved on many levels

SOS Engineering brings our customers a knowledgeable, skilled, and highly motivated team offering more than 100 year’s combined experience and expertise in the development and production of precision screw-machined contacts and connectors.

Founded in 1985 as an engineering consulting company, SOS has grown into a major manufacturing facility offering precision components for today’s high-tech electronics, medical and printed circuit board industries.

SOS Engineering’s customer-oriented service ensures timely delivery, competitive pricing and the ability to respond to the purchasing requirements of our small- and medium-sized customers while still supporting the unique pricing, delivery and lead time requirements of our larger accounts.

– Consigned inventory and competitive pricing: SOS offers our customers the opportunity to establish pricing on an estimated annual usage basis along with the added benefit of consigned inventory-stocking programs controlled by the latest in MRP software.

– Flexibility, Fast Response Time and Precise Quality: These three key concepts underly and motivate customer support throughout SOS and guarantee fulfillment of this responsibility.

– A Complete Range of RoHS-Compliant Interconnect Components: SOS offers RoHS-compliant standard and custom interconnect components, solutions and services that offer consistent standards of performance and quality.

– Manufacturing Capabilities: In addition to our in-house manufacturing with full process control from raw material to finished product, SOS’ capabilities include worldwide sourcing to obtain precision standard and custom connector components to support the needs of our customers.