SOS Engineering incorporates the capabilities, components and equipment to design, manufacture and assemble products to meet our customer’s most stringent standards or unique custom specifications.

Standard materials used in the manufacture of our connector components include (but are not limited to): Brass, Stainless Steel; Nickel-Silver; Beryllium Copper; Phos-Bronze; Alumel and Chromel; Alloy 52; Aluminum; Titanium; Teflon; PTFE; and High-Performance Polymers.

Added processes include: Annealing; Heat Treat; Cryo (Cold) Treat; Anodizing; Plating and Selective Plating (Gold, Silver, Nickel, White Bronze, Tin, Tin Lead, Cadmium and Zinc Chromate).

CNC machines

SOS employs a variety of technologically advanced and highly efficient production equipment to manufacture, machine, deep draw, stamp and assemble metal and plastic components, sub-assemblies and assemblies used in the design and manufacture of electrical contacts and connectors.

Typical of the equipment employed by SOS Engineering in the manufacture of our poducts and components are Swiss Screw Machines – Tornos with bar loaders, variocam and polygon devices; Rotary Tables; Special-Purpose and Custom-Manufacturing Machines; Stamping Presses with Progressive Tools; Precision Lathes; Transfer Presses; Single- and Multi-Spindle Milling Machines; and Esco-Matic and Deco Screw Machines.

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